German translation of vue.js docs

I’m currently translating the official documentation of the Vue.JS framework to German. You can find the translation in the branch de of the repository¬†

The file 2018_07_21_filesToTranslate.ods contains the the progress. As of 2018-11-19, 51 % of the documentation have been translated.

Du oder Sie?

There are two forms of “you” in German:

  1. The casual one (Du) and
  2. the formatl one (Sie).

We need to decide, which of them is better. You can cast your vote by sending me an e-mail or answering in the Reddit thread.

Current Score

3 : 1
Du : Sie

The score is based on data in sections “Votes for Sie” and “Votes for Du” below.

Votes for Sie

  1. Dmitri Pisarenko

Votes for Du

  1. archie35c in the Reddit thread
  2. shimst3r in the Reddit thread
  3. 7oidberg in the Reddit thread.